Welcome to LAMH, where luxury is an art, and life is a masterpiece.

Luxury Atelier Maison Happiness (LAMH) is not just a luxury company; it's a lifestyle.

Deepak Ohri, President LAMH

The Luxury Atelier Maison Happiness (LAMH) represents the pinnacle of extravagance in the hospitality industry. It caters to an exclusive clientele seeking the highest level of service, comfort, and experiences. LAMH represents the hybrid hospitality model that aims to provide holistic and tailored experiences that combine the best of luxury.

The Luxury Atelier Maison Happiness (LAMH) is a leader in the luxury hospitality sector, committed to delivering innovative solutions that drive profitability and operational excellence. With offices in Thailand and the United States, LAMH partners with institutional investors and property owners to optimize revenue per available room and enhance overall financial performance. LAMH’s is an idea to reality company with innovative food and beverage concepts which help increase the TRevPAR (total revenue per available room). By aligning brand identity with market expectations, LAMH ensures that the hotel owners, institutional investors, and hotel management companies achieve sustainable financial growth and a strong competitive position in the global marketplace.

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