1. Business Case Study

Embrace loyalty: inspire loyalty with everyone. Your boss, your colleagues, your employees, and your customers. This starts with respect.

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2. Book: A Bridge Not Too Far

Think differently: open yourself up to new perspectives and look at problems from all angles.

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3. Education

Always be learning: whether or not it is in a formal setting, develop an attitude of learning.

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4. Happiness Ambassador

Transcend trends: just because something is done one way by everybody else doesn't mean you can't find a better way.

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5. Michelin Stars

Seize opportunities: opportunities arise when you are looking for them and open to them. Don't let them pass by you.

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6. The 100 Most Powerful People in the Global Hospitality

Small efforts yield big results: small actions are important steps on the journey to perfection.

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7. Million Bath Dinner

Develop your creativity: strive to be innovative and think differently.

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8. Making of Sirocco

Believe in your dreams: never forget your goals and believe in your ability to achieve them.

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9. Coca Cola

Remember your roots: they are part of who you are and what makes your perspective unique in this world.

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Coca Cola

Making of Sirocco

Million Bath Dinner

Michelin Stars

Business Case Study

The 100 Most Powerful People
in the Global Hospitality

Book: A Bridge
Not Too Far


Happiness Ambassador

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